Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cheater's GF Huevos Con Chorizo....

Before going gluten free, I loved to go to the local Mexican restaurant and order the huevos con chorizo....I think I could have eaten that amazing dish 3 times a day! Chorizo sausage and eggs with jalapenos drenched in salsa, oh my goodness! Yesterday I got a craving for this delicious dish. But not having any chorizo; not knowing if I could find GF chorizo if I wanted to; and never having cooked it in my life anyway....I used what I had on hand, gluten free bulk pork sausage. I was thrilled to find it complete with a big "gluten free" label while shopping this week. I looked at a number of recipes, and basically followed this one http://whatscookingmexico.com/2008/04/13/chorizo-and-eggs/ , with a few changes. Of course, my dish didn't quite have the kick of the original with the chorizo, but it was still yummy...

Here's what I used
1 lb GF pork sausage (bulk sausage, not links) ~I have also used GF Italian bulk sausage and it gave this dish a great flavor

1 small onion diced

5 eggs

almond milk or regular milk

salt and pepper


oil or GF butter

GF salsa

GF jalapeno slices

Here's what I did
dice small onion

brown and break up sausage with the onion until sausage is no longer pink
set aside

crack eggs into medium bowl

add about 4-5 teaspoons milk (about 1 tsp for each egg)

add salt and pepper

add a few dashes of oregano

whisk together

In a separate pan, heat oil or butter on med heat.

once oil or butter is heated, pour in eggs

spoon in the cooked sausage

scramble the eggs with the sausage till eggs are done

pour egg and sausage mixture onto plate

top with jalapenos and salsa

This recipe is linked to...
Gluten Free Wednesdays at http://glutenfreehomemaker.com/

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