Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Yummy "Breakfast" Sandwich

So I was hungry for lunch today and got the idea to make a "breakfast" sandwich. In my opinion breakfast food can be eaten anytime of the day! So here's what I came up with...a yummy bacon and egg sandwich, with a little kick!

Here's what I used...

2 eggs

butter or oil

4 slices bacon (I use Hormel Black Label)

salt and pepper

Hellman's Real Mayonnaise

Melinda's Hot Sauce

Udi's GF White Sandwich Bread

Here's what I did...
Crack 2 eggs into medium bowl.
Salt and pepper to taste
Whisk the eggs
Heat the butter or oil in the pan
Scramble eggs
Set aside

Cook bacon according to directions.
(I always just stick it in the microwave between paper towels)

While the bacon is cooking, in a small bowl, combine a "dollop" of the mayo (as much as you'd like for your sandwich) and the hot sauce (I like things spicy, so I added quite a bit, but put as much as you like). I got a little dollop-happy and had a little of the mixture left over :)
Stir until combined.

I always heat my Udi's bread in the microwave for 10-15 seconds beforehand....So heat the bread for a few seconds and then slather the bread w/ the mayo mixture...(I slathered both sides of the bread, the more the better, right?)

Top one slice with the egg, the other with the bacon and combine.

It might be a little messy, but YUM! Enjoy!


  1. This looks delicious Erin! I love eating breakfast any time of the day as well. I'm actually going to tweet a link to this post from our @udisglutenfree account. Thanks for posting and for using our bread!

  2. Sounds like a great meal! I've made bacon and egg sandwiches before, but with butter. I like your idea of the mayo and hot sauce better.

    1. Thanks Pat! Hot sauce goes great with any meal!