Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School with Nut Allergies

Back to School this year was even tougher than usual for me.  My baby girl started Kindergarten! I knew she was ready...she's been begging to go with her brothers for years! :) My biggest concern was and is her nut allergy.  Now, since all my kiddos have nut allergies, we've been through this before with both boys. So we explain to all teachers about their allergies and how to keep them safe.  But she has the most severe allergy. And, as I've shared before, we've already had to use the EpiPen due to a reaction....so this was my main concern for her.  I prayed that God would give her a teacher who would take care of her and be mindful of her allergy.  And those prayers have definitely been answered! We explained to the teacher about the allergy, and together have taken steps to keep my daughter safe :) The teacher has been great about accommodating the requests I've made.  Baby Girl is in her second week of school and is doing great!

Here is a letter I sent to all my kids' teachers about nut free foods.  It's helpful for them to have on hand to refer to through the year... You can find nut free lists online.  I made mine from a list I found and mainly included snacks my kids like. So these are definitely not the only nut free snacks available :) You just have to check labels  :)

(This list is NOT gluten free, only nut free :) )

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