Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Favorites...GF Storage

Recently, a few different GF bloggers have shown their pantries neatly organized with labeled storage containers for all their flours and baking products. After seeing this, I realized that the quart size zip bags in which I was storing mine weren't cutting it! And every time I went to use them, flour got everywhere, making a huge mess....uughhh! The gift of organization is one that I do not possess...I'm a self proclaimed clutter-bug! But it was clear, I needed to do something about my flour situation! So I turned to my favorite storage containers....Lock-n-Lock!

This brings up another confession I must make to you... I am a QVC junkie...which is where I first discovered Lock-n-Lock. I love to shop the Q, Shoot, I don't even have to buy anything, I love just watching the Q~which Hubby does not understand at all!

Anyway, back to storage....One year for my birthday, Hubby surprised me with two sets of Lock-n-Lock from QVC. I don't think he had any idea how excited I would get over storage containers....To this day, it ranks as one of his best gifts ever, I was so thrilled to get them...and still use them all the time! So what better containers to use than Lock-n-Lock for my GF storage...and they work great! I actually picked up these three new containers at the grocery store, but here's the link to any Lock-n-Lock you could ever want from QVC :)

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