Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites...Eating GF in the Outback!

These days there are many restaurants with gluten free menus. And most of the time servers are very helpful when I tell them I have a "gluten intolerance". If I do tell them I have Celiac Disease, most of the time they say they know someone with Celiac too... There are about four restaurants where I regularly go to eat gluten free, but time and again, I have had the best experience at Outback Steakhouse! They have a great gluten free menu and in my experience, a very helpful staff. Before CD, my favorite menu item was Alice Springs Chicken....and guess what? It's on the GF menu! All I have to do is substitute something in the place of the fries, which are not gluten free. Although I do miss my Bloomin' Onion, for the mostpart I can eat the same at Outback as I did before going gluten free! Love it! And believe me, I eat till my little heart is content and my tummy is stuffed! Here's a link to their great gluten free menu

What are some of your favorite places for eating GF??

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